Below is a summary of some of the more recent projects which AJN Engineering Management Ltd has been involved in.

Slipping Structures Rectification Framework, Anglia Region

Role: Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) 2020-Present.

This is a multi-disciplinary project to rectify existing OLE electrification structures which have started to lean excessively after many years service due to changing earthworks, inadequate original foundation design or movements from embankments. Our Director, Andy Nunnery, provides the role of CEM for both design and construction supported by 4 design CREs and 4 Construction CREs. The project is split into two deliveries:

– CP5 legacy designs, provided by Network Rail, which require construction and design As Built completion;
– CP6 were new designs are produced by our design supplier, PBH Rail, and construction is carried out by Murphy & Sons Ltd, supported by SPL Powerlines.

Working closely with the Network Rail DPE and PEs, Andy is ensuring design and construction assurance and coordination for both design and construction activities over a broad geographical area in the Anglia Region.

Great Western Electrification Project, The Greater West and Wales Route Sections 6p, 8 & 9

Role: Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) 2017-2020.

This was a multi-disciplinary project to electrify the route from London Paddington to Cardiff Central Station, Wales. Based mostly in Newport, Wales our Director Andy Nunnery, provided the role of CEM for both design and construction supported by 40 Design CREs, 6 Construction CREs and 4 Design Engineering Managers. The installation design was supplied by a number of major suppliers including, Andromeda Engineering, Balfour Beatty Rail, Arup, TSP and Capita Projects. The route was the first to use the new basic design range, Series 1, provided by Furrer + Frey. Andy once again worked collaboratively with the 4 Network Rail DPEs to deliver the design and construction assurance and coordination in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. The route was fully commissioned and opened to electric traction in January 2020.

UK Master Series Basic Design Range

Role: Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM).

The new Network Rail UK Master Series will replace the existing Series 1 and Series 2 design ranges and AJNEML are currently fulfilling the role of CEM overseeing and delivering the project. A number of companies are involved in helping deliver the constituent parts of this design range including Andromeda UK, Atkins, Furrer and Frey and Kumar Consultants. Careful planning and engineering co-ordination is required to successfully deliver this design to programme and budget and AJNEML are fundamental to that objective.

Northwest Electrification Phase 1 (Liverpool to Manchester)

Role: Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM).

This was a multi-discipline project converting an existing diesel hauled route to new electrification with the associated signalling immunisation works provided by the sub-contractor Invensys. Andy (AJNEML Director) was responsible for all the CRE’s assigned to the project. This included E&P, Signalling, Civil, OLE Design and OLE Construction.

This route is the first to use the new Series 2 range of equipment, utilising Italian Bonomi aluminium cantilevers and Tensorex C+ Spring Tensioners. Andy worked collaboratively with Network Rail, ensuring all designs and construction activities were delivered to a high standard. AJNEML believe Health and Safety should be taken very seriously and often carry out site safety inspections to ensure standards are maintained.

Great Eastern Improvement Project Bespoke Foundations

Role: CRE and Project Manager.

Supporting Network Rail with the supply of bespoke foundation designs between Liverpool Street Station and Shenfield. Andy was responsible for the timely delivery of bespoke foundations to support Network Rail. Andy was CRE and Project Manager for this project which required site survey, client liaison (with Network Rails designer), and the co-ordination of a number of Balfour Beatty engineers tasked with the supply of challenging designs for a number of complex locations along the route.